Molly Cain

your ally in meaningful change.

Yes, but what if it could?

Whether you're in search of a multiplier to strengthen your organization's priorities, an influence strategy for yourself or your moonshot, or you'd like an ally to explore an idea that your colleagues aren't ready to hear yet, I know you stumbled onto this page for a reason. And I'm glad you did.   When it comes to innovating inside an organization or launching a new initiative that will culturally challenge the status quo, the rumor is true. No one is coming. It is up to you.   But this awareness is your superpower, and the current state of your organization has more runway for you to create meaningful change than you even realize. I can help you see the gaps and together we can design a culturally-savvy system to push the boundaries where they need to be now, so your organization can go beyond later. I can prepare you, your team or your entire organization by challenging your current imagination on what tomorrow looks like so you can actually see, and prepare for, the future.   I would love to influence change with you and be your discreet ally in multiplying your transformation efforts. Let me know how I can help.   Molly